Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro

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Taurus Ultra Force Pro Multi-Gym

Taurus Ultra Force Pro Multi-Gym

Multi-functional Personal Trainer for use at home
  • Versatile strength training at the best price-performance ratio Over 100 different exercises for your fitness goals
  • Modern hydraulic resistance system Quiet training without weights
Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro AwardsTaurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro AwardsTaurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro AwardsTaurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro Awards
Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro Compact 360° alternative to the fitness studio

Compact 360° alternative to the fitness studio

A true all-rounder, the high-quality Taurus Ultra Force Pro combines all the important functions of the weight bench: leg extensions, lat pulldowns and more in just one device. All this over an area of just 134 x 165 cm. Thanks to the variable cable pull system, the Ultra Force Pro provides you with numerous exercises to get the most out of your strength training in a minimal amount of space.
Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro Quiet strength training thanks to hydraulic cylinders

Quiet strength training thanks to hydraulic cylinders

With the Ultra Force Pro, the resistance is generated by two hydraulic cylinders. This means you don't need any weight blocks at all. The advantage: quiet strength training that involves no slamming of weight plates, so you don't disturb your neighbours or flatmates – you can train practically 24/7. "Too early" and "too late" are no longer valid excuses...
Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro Smart construction, easy handling

Smart construction, easy handling

As excellent as the Ultra Force Pro is in terms of quality and versatility, it is also practical in terms of use and construction. Thanks to its castors, you can easily move it to wherever you want it. Designed by sports scientists and technicians, the assembly instructions for the Ultra Force Pro are easy to understand, so you can follow them step by step from the first to the last screw.
Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro Precision

Precision Engineering

The weight resistance of the Ultra Force Pro can be adjusted on each of the arms by increments of 1.25 kg. This allows for a much finer weight adjustment than would be possible with conventional weight blocks. In addition, with its weight settings from 5 to 125 kg, the Ultra Force Pro offers a wider intensity range than most conventional multi-gyms.
Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro Comprehensive full body workout

Comprehensive full body workout

With the Taurus Ultra Force Pro, you can effectively train your upper and lower body. The free cable pulls provide you with a huge training spectrum, e.g. free bench presses for the chest, bicep curls and tricep presses for the arms, pull-downs for the shoulders and much more. You can even improve your golf swing with it.
Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro Big innovation for a small price

Big innovation for a small price

In the "Home Fitness Equipment for Amateur and Recreational Athletes" fitness equipment test, which was carried out in 2016 by the Institute for Biomechanics in Sport at the Technical University of Munich, the Taurus Ultra Force proved that an innovative multi-gym does not have to cost a lot. The result: test winner in the price-performance evaluation and also awarded the top grade of 1.7 in the assembly / construction / maintenance category.

  • Multi-gym without weights offering about 100 exercising possibilities for all important muscle groups
  • Resistance of up to 125 kg, adjustable in 1.25 kg increments
  • Hydraulic resistance system: less weight and more silent
  • Little space required and it is even movable
  • Bilaterally different weight settings (5–125 kg) for specific compensation of muscle weaknesses
  • Enormous variety of exercises thanks to the easily adjustable pulley system
  • Removable seat for exercises in standing position
  • Including lat pull bar and traction handles
  • Easy resistance setting by means of a sliding mechanism
  • Complete training instructions explain how to do the respective exercise regarding a correct posture and optimal effect by means of illustrations and descriptions
  • Max. user-weight: 135 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro: (L) 134 cm x (W) 165 cm x (H) 208 cm
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Legs, Abdominals, Arms

Taurus Ultra Force Pro Multi-Gym – innovative, versatile, affordable

Thanks to the flexible cable pull system, the Taurus Ultra Force Pro multi gym offers a remarkable range of strength exercises: over 100 variations are possible to comprehensively train all important muscle groups. Switching between exercises is very easy: the pulleys are suspended by a carabiner clip. There are several eyelets on the fitness station to which the pulley can be attached – depending on which of the more than 100 exercises you want to perform on the Taurus Ultra Force Pro Multi-Gym. The enclosed training instructions provide tips on how to do the exercise correctly.

Innovative hydraulic resistance system for low-noise strength training

The Taurus Ultra Force Pro Multi-Gym is the measure of all things in its price range. The Ultra Force Pro owes this to its clever weight system. Instead of a conventional weight block or weight plates, a hydraulic resistance system is used here. The resistance is generated in two cylinders. This makes the Ultra Force Pro particularly quiet. Unlike other multi-gyms, there are no weight plates banging against each other or rolling around making noise that could disturb neighbours or flatmates. For early birds and night owls: with the Taurus Ultra Force Pro, your home becomes your practical home gym, where the time of day is pretty much irrelevant.

Conventional multi-gyms with weight elements are usually very heavy. The weight blocks alone weigh at least 60 kg. Once such a power tower is set up, that's where it will stay. Thanks to the hydraulic system, the Ultra Force Pro weighs less than 90 kg in total. This means that it can also be easily moved if necessary. Castors are fitted to the Ultra Force Pro for this purpose.

Also ideal for balance training

Another advantage: the resistance is generated by the compression of the nitrogen in the cylinders rather than by gravity. This type of resistance generation is particularly uniform. Adjusting the resistance is very easy. There is a sliding latch on each of the two arms that you can use to adjust the resistance. Particularly practical: the resistance can be adjusted separately for each of the two arms. This allows you to compensate for muscular imbalance. For example, if you have injured your right arm, it will not be trained as much as than your left. With the Taurus Ultra Force Pro Multi-Gym, you can do targeted build-up training.

Enjoy quiet, effective and varied training in your own home fitness studio with the versatile Taurus Ultra Force Pro that offers the best price-performance ratio!

Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro AwardsTaurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro AwardsTaurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro AwardsTaurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro Awards

Manual Taurus UltraForce

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
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Fitshop Expert Review
Variety of exercises

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0 persons found this review helpful
Got recommended this through the customer service due to the limitations on the size of my gym. I'm very happy with what I received. Assembly was simple enough and as promised, it's also very quiet as there are no weights. Pros: Good instruction to assemble. Good booklet on the different workouts that can be done. Quiet. Easy to adjust. Versatile Some Cons: Quality of the seat could be a bit better. The cushion is misaligned and wears easily. When doing dead lifts, the bottom plate bends substantially.... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Taurus Ultra Force Pro: schöne Optik, sehr gute Verabeitung, gut aufzubauen- mit Hilfe des Videos. Wir haben das Gerät jetzt ca 6 Wochen und trainieren 2 bis 3 Mal die Woche. Macht wirklich Spaß. Es gibt viele Übungsmöglichkeiten. Der Umbau ist ebenfalls einfach. Es ist eine ganz andere Art mit Hydraulik, statt mit Gewichten zu trainieren und es ist auch sehr leise.
Bestes Preis/Leistungs Verhältnis
2 persons found this review helpful
Hab zum ersten Mal die „total nitrocell Technology“ ausprobiert und muss sagen das es sein Zweck bestens erfüllt . Man spürt wie die Muskeln arbeiten und die Reize die gesetzt werden. Ich trainiere seit dem Lockdown gerne zu Hause und die Maschine ist TOP! Man kann so viele verschiedene Übungen machen , da bleibt keinen Muskel was erspart . Hab so lange nach etwas ideales für mich gesucht und kann die Maschine den Leuten die zu Hause professionell trainieren möchten nur empfehlen. Also für den Preis ist das der absolute Knaller !... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Es una máquina robusta y fácil de montar. Tiene mucha variedad de ejercicios sobre todo para los que hemos sido asiduos a gimnasios. Es muy cómoda y silenciosa. Otra cosa a favor es la atención y el servicio post-venta de Fitshop.
Gut geeignet
0 persons found this review helpful
Die Taurus Kraftstation mit Hydraulik ist sehr angenehm für das Training zu Hause. Was ich gut finde, dass man unterschiedliches Gewicht für die jeweilige Seite nehmen kann. So kann man gut punktuell trainieren. Ebenso ist das geringe Gewicht positiv, da hier keine Gewichtscheiben benötigt werden. Die vielen Trainingsmöglichkeiten lassen auch keine Wünsche offen.
0 persons found this review helpful
God multimaskine der passer til mine behov. Jeg fik en ven over og hjælpe med at samle den, og det gik uden problemer. Den står flot i mit lille fitnessrum. Den er meget stabil og robust i konstruktionen. Kan holde til tung vægt uden problemer. Meget tilfreds.
0 persons found this review helpful
Deze hebben we laten bezorgen maar zelf in elkaar gezet. Petje af voor hoe alles verpakt is. Er zit een duidelijke beschrijving bij en de schroeven zitten in een blisterverpakking netjes genummerd. Het is inderdaad een paar uurtjes werk maar daar bespaar je dan wel € 200 mee uit. We hebben er ook onze 1e training op gedaan. Helemaal geweldig. Alles is super degelijk en stevig. Er zit een boekje bij met alle oefeningen die te doen zijn en dat zijn er ruim 100. Op internet is ook veel te vinden. We zijn er ontzetten blij mee!... [Read more]
Kraftstation mit vielen Möglichkeiten
3 persons found this review helpful
Wie viele andere habe ich mir fürs Heim-Gym diese Kraftstation zugelegt, um weiterhin außerhalb des Studios trainieren zu können. Der Aufbau ging soweit schnell und kompliziert. Alles ist gut erklärt und bebildert. Ob alle Verbindungen und Schrauben dauerhaft halten, muss sich noch zeigen. Bisher wirkt der Aufbau jedoch äußerst solide. Das erste Training war gewöhnungsbedürftig. Einerseits muss man zu Beginn das richtige Gewicht für sich finden, andererseits muss man auch eruieren, wie und wo am besten gestanden / gesessen wird, da ich relativ groß bin. Dabei fiel mir vor allem auf, dass die Kabel etwas zu lang sind. Insbesondere beim Kreuzheben oder Latziehen könnte die Streckung gerne größer sein. Aber im Zweifel muss man diese Übungen mit Freihanteln machen. Der große Vorteil ist, dass das Training beinahe geräuschlos und relativ Gelenkschonend ist. Das Verstellen der Schwierigkeit bzw. des Gewichts hakt oftmals etwas. Das könnte noch feiner ausgearbeitet werden. Nach ein paar Trainingseinheiten löst sich auch schon am Sitz die innenliegende Beschichtung der Aufhängung. Ich bezweifel zwar, dass sich die Lackierung löst oder dergleichen, da diese sehr hochwertig anmutet, jedoch können so Kratzer entstehen. Muss die Zeit zeigen. Auf Grund des Preises und der Leistung kann ich dennoch eine Kaufempfehlung aussprechen. Man kann damit sowohl als Anfänger als auch erfahrener Sportler gut daran trainieren.... [Read more]
Lo que queríamos!
0 persons found this review helpful
Multiestación Taurus Ultra Force Pro Nos la montaron ayer 30 de junio y no la hemos podido valorar hasta hoy. La máquina cumple con las expectativas que teníamos y funciona estupendamente para mantenernos en forma.
0 persons found this review helpful
Super maskine, nem at samle ved hjælp af gode illustrationer, var meget i tvivl om hvordan det ville fungere med gasdæmper i stedet for traditionelle jernvægte, men må erkende at det fungere rigtig fint, meget jævn belastning og ikke mindst meget lydsvag, meget stabil konstruktion og kvaliteten virker til at være helt i top, kan klart anbefales.

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