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Hanging punch bags - effective boxing training

The punch bag forms the basis of your boxing training. The target of training is a preferably realistic imitation of the opponent. Therefore, we offer you punch bags of different versions regarding material, size, and weight.

Hanging punch bags offer the advantage that the lower area of the punch bag is free standing and it can be used for exercising kicks. Furthermore, the accuracy can be exercised on slightly swinging punch bags, because the moving punch bag imitates the opponent.

According to body weight and fitness, the weight of the punch bag should be adapted. The heavier and more exercised a person is, the heavier should be the punch bag.

A longer punch bag might be better for training of martial arts, which also include kick combinations, i.e., MMA, kick boxing or karate, and mainly for exercising low kicks. The punch bag can also be used for training of floor fights of MMA.

High-quality punch bag materials are bizonyl (extremely hard-wearing special synthetics) and real leather, because these materials are very resistant and durable.

We recommend additionally the purchase of a professional punch bag mounting - for starting a safe and comfortable boxing training.

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