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Benefit from the trend of fitness boxing

Fitness boxing is one of the most popular sport trends of the last years. Since mainly celebrities have used more frequently a punch bag for improving their fitness, boxing finds its way into gyms all over the world.

Starting is quite simple, because you do not need a lot of boxing equipment to benefit from fitness boxing. Boxing gloves, a punch bag, and a skipping rope - that is all you need for starting ! Thanks to a low effort, you can comfortably do your boxing workouts at home.

Fitness boxing - a holistic sport

The holistic, positive effect of fitness boxing on health is also known to sport physicians. Fitness boxing is one of the most effective workouts you can do at home.

Almost all parts of body and muscles are used. In addition, the cardiovascular system is effectively trained. Besides training of stamina, reaction, and coordination, you can reduce aggression and stress with your boxing equipment and strengthen your self-confidence.

After a demanding working day, a boxing session can have wonderful effects of relaxation. Fitness boxing is the perfect training for body and mind - for every age!

Boxing equipment - everything the martial-arts-heart desires

We have compiled a great selection of high-quality boxing equipment for you so you are well equipped for fitness boxing at home or at the gym.

Designed for every training level from beginner to pro, everybody finds the boxing equipment he/she needs for fitness boxing. We offer, i.e., special "Junior boxing sets" for younger boxing enthusiasts.

Of course, we also provide "classic" boxing equipment: boxing gloves, punch bags, boxing protective gear, boxing training equipment, and complete boxing sets. It is not only for fitness boxing, but also for MMA artists, we offer special boxing training equipment and boxing gloves. All this is completed by boxing shoes and appropriate boxing wear for your workout or leisure time.

The first round of your boxing training can start!

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