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Pulse monitors and sport watches: for effective stamina training

Do you want to achieve your fitness targets quicker? Do you want to train effectively? Do you want to know which performance you did? Then listen to your heart. Pulse watches support you. They do much more: Many sport monitors already have wide-range functions for analysing your training. It extends from stop watch to heart rate zones and to GPS measuring.Many sport watches and training computers for different trainings are available in our pulse monitor online shop.

Typical functions of sport watches and pulse monitors

The most simple sport watches are stop watches. Big models, i.e., have integrated GPS sensors, barometer, and weather forecast. In order to give you a clear idea about sport monitors and training computers, we have compiled a small overview about funtion variety of pulse monitors.

Function overview and use

  • Easy and precise detection of heart rate
  • Displays fitness level
  • Training in heart rate zones: optimal pulse zone to achieve your targets
  • Avoid to train too much or too less
  • Observe your training progress
  • Chronograph functions, i.e., time or lap times
  • GPS functions: speed, distance, height, route planning and tracking
  • Analysis on online platforms
  • Upgradeable with other performance sensors
  • Motivation
  • Simply the perfect accessory for stamina training

Pulse monitors: your personal coach on the wrist

No matter which training computer you will take, it helps you to improve your fitness - more effectively and longer lasting. There is a lot of accessory for training computers to increase the variety of functions of a pulse monitor. The chest strap is very important. It's the actual heart rate monitor. The pulse monitor transmit your heart rate to the pulse watch for analysing. In addition, there are further sensors, i.e. running sensors, counting your steps. It's perfect o find out your appropriate cadence. You can also upgrade your pulse monitor to a bike computer. Here, you need a speed sensor and/or a cadence sensor.

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