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Strength training

Strengthen your muscles, improve the interplay of muscles, and even lose weight - with strength training
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Exercise equipment for improving core strength
Diverse weight benches for an effective strength training
Dumbbells, barbells, and Kettlebells - here you find free weights
Rubberized, chromed, and varnished weight plates of all weight categories
From dumbbell bar to triceps builder: bars of 30 and 50 mm thickness
Here you find: Sling Trainer, weighted vests, wall bars and many more
Either massage or training - get quickly in shape with vibration training
Chin up bars, multi-functional door bars, chin up systems
Great selection of multi-gyms for private and professional use
Ideal for barbell training: squat racks, power cages, squat stands
Training gloves, pulling aids, racks and other useful accessories
Muscle building, regeneration, recovery - Use EMS training now
Commercial quality strength training equipment for professional use
Many small and big devices to let grow quicker your muscles

Strength training

Choose your appropriate fitness equipment out of 150 brands. Our qualified staff is available over phone (free call 0800 2020 277) or in the Livesupport Chat should any questions arise regarding sport and fitness.
Fitshop puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Fitshop expert review and find your appropriate equipment.

Strength training - Customer ratings

  • Taurus multi-gym WS7

    jason armstrong 29.3.2021 - Taurus multi-gym WS7

    Good equipment but an absolute nightmare to assemble. Instructions where misleading, missed steps and parts where incorrectly referenced. Once assembled it is proving to be a good multi-gym. Shame that the design effort was not nearly matched with the installation instructions - there should have been an assembly video. Not too hard eh!!!!!

  • diPulse Smart Recovery Kit

    Anonym 25.3.2021 - diPulse Smart Recovery Kit

    I used a smart strap on a tennis elbow that incapacitated me for months and doc or physio consultation, compression sleeves and massage weren’t helping much with. 5 min a day for a week and the pain was gone! The stick electrodes also work super well to help with pain in neck, shoulders and below the shoulder blades. I also used the belt for back pain and to do some simple core exercises. It’s brilliant! So grateful to have those.

  • Taurus weight bench B900

    Jacob Ørum 2.12.2020 - Taurus weight bench B900

    Very pleased with my purchase. Bought the bench a year and a half ago. It is solidly constructed and lasts well. I do heavy weight training many times a week and there are still no signs of wear or failure.

  • Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro

    P Puska 9.11.2020 - Taurus multi-gym Ultra Force Pro

    Got recommended this through the customer service due to the limitations on the size of my gym. I'm very happy with what I received. Assembly was simple enough and as promised, it's also very quiet as there are no weights. Pros: Good instruction to assemble. Good booklet on the different workouts that can be done. Quiet. Easy to adjust. Versatile Some Cons: Quality of the seat could be a bit better. The cushion is misaligned and wears easily. When doing dead lifts, the bottom plate bends substantially.

  • Taurus TPU Dumbbell

    Trung Ta 4.9.2020 - Taurus TPU Dumbbell

    Highly recommend. Perfectly functional dumbbells, but a bit expensive probably for the extra cover and the textured grip, which helps a lot during workouts.

  • Dumbbell Set 15kg

    James Doohan 13.8.2020 - Dumbbell Set 15kg

    Dumbbells are fantastic! The locks tighten well and the whole thing is quiet when together. Good grip on the bar. Thought it looked like the came with a silicone cover but alas do not, although I am still happy with them as they are still quiet. Also excellent service from the Vienna branch! Looking forward to getting more products from this store.

  • BodyCraft multi-gym X-Press pro

    Rob 6.8.2020 - BodyCraft multi-gym X-Press pro

    Basierend auf einer sehr netten und qualifizierten beratung in der linzerstrasse in Wien haben wir uns fuer dieses super teil entschieden. Es vereinbart robuste bauweise und einer vielfalt an uebungsmoeglichkeiten. Genau was wir f unser privates fitness studio gesucht haben.

  • Darwin Power Cage

    Bruno 8.6.2020 - Darwin Power Cage

    I bought the product because of the reviews, and now that I mounted I am negatively surprised about how light it is. Unless you fix it somehow on the ground ruining your floor, it’s very unstable. The quality is average, all the hooks for the bars are very small, shake a bit once fixed, and give you the sensation your bar will not be stable. I will give it a try, but I would not recommend it to anyone.

  • Taurus Hexagon compact dumbbell

    Rahul 28.5.2020 - Taurus Hexagon compact dumbbell

    Awesome , quality of the product is excellent

  • Hoist weight bench HF5165

    Roland 7.5.2020 - Hoist weight bench HF5165

    One of the best bench I have ever used! We are very happy with our purchase! The bench and also the leg attachment are very solid and high quality. Highly recommended!

Strength training machines and accessory for muscle building, strength-stamina, exercises, and more health

The term strength training summarizes the most different types of physical training. The aims of strength training are, i.e., muscle building, increase in muscle mass, a better coordination of muscles or more strength-stamina. Achieve more effectively and quicker your training aims with strength training equipment. Furthermore, exercising on strength equipment makes more fun, because it is more motivating and training successes are quicker visible.

Strength training is much more than just bodybuilding

Doing strength training at home, you build muscles. But there are many other training aims. Nowadays, as many people sit throughout their working days, challenging the muscles is important. Because: When muscles are not demanded, they degenerate. You can counteract it actively.

Moderate strength training with some exercises in the week can already counteract it. The use of strength training equipment improves your health as well. You look better, are more in shape, and better face the demands of everyday life.

Strength training machines - everything to make the body more in shape, slimmer, and fitter.

There is a multitude of different units and fitness machines for strength training and muscle building. Depending upon space or which training aims you want to achieve with strength training at home, we have compiled a lot of strength training equipment in our online shop for you:

  • Ab machine/back machine: These little strength training machines are optimal for exercises strengthening the ab and back muscles. Stabilize your body and improve your posture by means of ab and back machines.

  • Functional Training: This stands for workouts and strength training exercises where complexe movements are done. The training aim is not just muscle building but improvement of muscle coordination, flexibility, and stamina.

  • Weight bench: Training benches are classic strength training equipment. Numberless strength workouts can be done on them. The best: you do not always need weights for strength training on a weight bench.

  • Weights/weight sets: Of course, it is the classic for muscle building training. Old Egyptians and Greeks already used weights to keep in shape. Weight training offers an unbelievable freedom while exercising. There are numberless weight exercises to train your body and keep it in shape and healthy.

  • Weight plates: No weight strength training without weight plates. There are those with 30 mm for strength training at home or those with 50 mm hole for professional workouts. Weight plates can also be used for own weight exercises.

  • Bars: They are essential strength tools for muscle building with weights. Either strength training with barbells or dumbbells, they offer an unbelievable variety of exercises.

  • Small strength machines: Many small machines, making the strength training and muscle building more effective. Of it weight stands, weight lifter gloves, collars for bars and many more.

  • Multi-gym: the premier category for strength training at home. Strength training equipment supports your workout and offers a huge selection of exercises.

  • Vibration plate: Even better effects are achieved in strength training due to vibrations doing vibration training. Up to 98 % of muscles in the body are demanded and trained.

  • Gym strength equipment: Fitness equipment for effective muscle training. The gym strength machines fulfill highest demands and offer incomparable quality and stability.

  • Barbell racks/Power Racks: Train intensively and comfortably with racks for barbells and power racks.

  • Strength training accessory: Accessory for strength training and multi-gyms, i.e. training gloves, traction supports, handles, and weight plate stands.

  • Tips for strength training exercises

    Being a beginner, you should ease into. About 48 hours should be taken as break in between the workouts on strength training equipment. Your muscles recover better. Muscle growth is accelerated. We happily advise you about the tope strength training and can help in compiling a training plan for strength training at home.
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