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Functional Training

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Physio bands and tubes are excellent for strength training exercises
Fitness equipment all around the topic balance and coordination training
Skipping ropes are ideal for endurance training and warm up exercises
The classic type of equipment for physiotherapy, fitness and strength training
Kettlebells | Cast iron kettlebells, vinyl kettlebells, adjustable kettlebells, PVC kettlebells
Body weight training | Chin-up bars, sling trainers, multifunctional trainers, ab straps and much more
Everthing for regeneration, self-massage, and fascia training
Speed training | Reaction balls, hurdles, sprint chutes, coordination ladder, and many more.
Purchase equipment for plyometric training | Improve your jumping explosivity and power thanks to plyometrics
Resistance training and weight training | Medicine balls, tubes, Kettlebells, weighted vests, sandbags
Here you find classic wall bars
Sling trainer | Here you find sling trainers, accessory for sling trainers, dvds for sling trainers
Chin up bars, multi-functional door bars, chin up systems
Push-up grips | Here you find everything for push-ups and dips like Lebert Equalizer or Taurus multi-functional trainer
Sandbags are very effective alternatives for compact weights due to their variable weight and unstable centre of gravity

Functional Training

Choose your appropriate fitness equipment out of 150 brands. Our qualified staff is available over phone (free call 0800 2020 277) or in the Livesupport Chat should any questions arise regarding sport and fitness.
Fitshop puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Fitshop expert review and find your appropriate equipment.

Functional Training - Customer ratings

  • Taurus chin-up bar/punching bag fixation

    Muhammad 20.4.2020 - Taurus chin-up bar/punching bag fixation

    Very nice you can do pull ups and also hang a bag, very useful in quarantine.

  • revvll PRO rope resistance trainer

    Anonym 12.7.2019 - revvll PRO rope resistance trainer

    I love this product for getting an unconventional workout in my apartment. It is exactly what I needed. There seems to be nothing like this on the market. Which is probably the only reason the manufacturer can get away with charging such a ridiculous price. I find the "rope" a little too small. I do not appreciate the cheap plastic casing and the device has mysteriously gone from quiet to making a sound to quiet again, with no effect on performance though. I find the first three settings to be too easy, but my daughter, 6yr old son, and wife appreciate them. I once emailed the manufacturer with a question about lubrication and they were very quick to respond, so they get points for that. Would I buy it again? Yes, I probably would, but the truth is that this device should cost no more than half of what they are currently asking. Once you open the box you can clearly see it is not a premium product. Even the packaging was disappointing. For $1,000 I expect a lot more. Tip: Pair with Phantom Athletics restrictive breathing face mask for a great training session.

  • Suples Bulgarian Bag Strong

    AMS 27.4.2018 - Suples Bulgarian Bag Strong

    After spending hours on the internet reviewing the different makes of Bulgarian Bags and comparing prices, I decided to purchase the Suples Strong model from Sport-Tiedje (ST). The I chose this make and style of bag because it is definitely the best on the market. The quality of make is second to none. It is superb quality and built to stand the rigors of hard training. Suples have listened to their customers and incorporated the latest updates to the handles and straps to make this bag more effective and efficient for training. The new design means you won't find a better bag on the market. The Suples Strong model allows you to adjust the weight with one bag and so you won't have to purchase another bag as your strength and mobility increases. The adaptability of this new model makes it excellent value for money. I can only think of positive comments to make about this bag and haven't got a negative point to mention. The service from (ST) is excellent and their customer aftercare prompt and supportive - well done! To round up - the quality is excellent, the price from ST provides the best value I could find on the market, and their customer care is perfect. As a final note - this is an independent review, and I have no vested interest in Suples Ltd or ST - this is my review to help other people decide on the best option for them - good luck!

  • Suples Bulgarian Bag Strong

    Anonym 13.3.2018 - Suples Bulgarian Bag Strong

    Total body workout a real killler extremely robust will last many years fast delivery even with very bad weather

  • Body-Tube with flexible handle

    M. Lavina 28.10.2017 - Body-Tube with flexible handle

    Good quality product and super fast delivery. Thank you.

  • PROspeedrope skipping rope PRO

    annika 19.7.2017 - PROspeedrope skipping rope PRO

    This skip rope holds up to its description and recommendation. The rope is for professionals as armature equally good. It is easy to use and adjust. It comes with an easy to read instruction on how to adjust the length and add the weights.( which is easy and fast to do) It really shows that PROspeedrope is specialised on skip ropes and thought about all the aspects someone excepts to see in a skip rope. I have not seen any disadvantage in the product and can only speak of it very highly. This skip rope is a lot of fun.

  • Thera-Band Tubing Loops

    Panos 22.6.2017 - Thera-Band Tubing Loops

    Great quality. Having used it now, I should have gone for the 'strong' version of it as this one is too light and easy.

  • Ultimate Sandbag

    Panos 22.6.2017 - Ultimate Sandbag

    Great core strength tool that can be used for many different exercises.

  • Thera-Band Tubing Loops

    Panos 22.6.2017 - Thera-Band Tubing Loops

    Great quality. Having used it now, I should have gone for the 'strong' version of it as this one is too light and easy.

  • Thera-Band Resistance Bands Light 1,5 m, Set Of 3

    Malcolm 12.6.2017 - Thera-Band Resistance Bands Light 1,5 m, Set Of 3

    Excellent rubber bands. happy that one can easily vary the strength by combining up to 3 bands together, for maximum tension.

What is Functional Training?

Functional Training is a general term for training methods, which differ from traditional strength training by focusing on complex movement patterns. The aim of this training methode is the interplay of muscles and the support of muscle building.

Functional Training is a whole body training, for which Sling Trainers are often used. Exercises with the own body weight are also often done for Functional Training. The Functional Training is meant to extend the classic strength training by further aspects and thus resulting in a holistic strength training.

Functional Training: Which fitness equipment is suitable?

There is a lot of fitness equipment to do Functional Training. It includes, i.e., Kettlebells and chin up bars. Sling Trainers are among the most common training devices offering very varied exercises. Instable surfaces for Balance training can also be used as fitness equipment for Functional Training. The core training is an important part of Functional Training as well.

Functional Training is suitable for which users?

Functional Training is suitable for sportsmen of every age and every training level. More complex exercises of Functional Training can be demanding and exercise instructions are recommended here.

The new Fitshop exercise posters also show exercises for the Functional Training, i.e., the instructions for whole body training with Kettlebells or the dumbbell exercise poster for effective and correctly done training. There are many exercise dvds of different suppliers showing wide-range workouts for Sling Trainers as the most versatile fitness device for Functional Training.

Our range offers a great selection of different fitness equipment for Functional Training of well-known manufacturers as, i.e., Taurus, Kettler, TRX, Trigger Point, and Adidas.
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