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Functional Training

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What is Functional Training?

Functional Training is a general term for training methods, which differ from traditional strength training by focusing on complex movement patterns. The aim of this training methode is the interplay of muscles and the support of muscle building.

Functional Training is a whole body training, for which Sling Trainers are often used. Exercises with the own body weight are also often done for Functional Training. The Functional Training is meant to extend the classic strength training by further aspects and thus resulting in a holistic strength training.

Functional Training: Which fitness equipment is suitable?

There is a lot of fitness equipment to do Functional Training. It includes, i.e., Kettlebells and chin up bars. Sling Trainers are among the most common training devices offering very varied exercises. Instable surfaces for Balance training can also be used as fitness equipment for Functional Training. The core training is an important part of Functional Training as well.

Functional Training is suitable for which users?

Functional Training is suitable for sportsmen of every age and every training level. More complex exercises of Functional Training can be demanding and exercise instructions are recommended here.

The new Fitshop exercise posters also show exercises for the Functional Training, i.e., the instructions for whole body training with Kettlebells or the dumbbell exercise poster for effective and correctly done training. There are many exercise dvds of different suppliers showing wide-range workouts for Sling Trainers as the most versatile fitness device for Functional Training.

Our range offers a great selection of different fitness equipment for Functional Training of well-known manufacturers as, i.e., Taurus, Kettler, TRX, Trigger Point, and Adidas.
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