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Cardio training

Create a base for a healthy life and more performance with cardio training
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Cardio training

Choose your appropriate fitness equipment out of 150 brands. Our qualified staff is available over phone (free call 0800 2020 277) or in the Livesupport Chat should any questions arise regarding sport and fitness.
Fitshop puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Fitshop expert review and find your appropriate equipment.

Cardio training - Customer ratings

  • Taurus IC50 Indoor Cycle

    Maxime Gravit 20.4.2021 - Taurus IC50 Indoor Cycle

    Bike is very noisy due to creaking from the structure. I've tried to adjust everything to reduce the noise but could manage that. I'm addition, the wireless computer is unreliable and sometimes does not pick any signal during exercise. Not to mention that it does not display Watts and the calory count is completely unreliable (basically, you consume the same calories regardless of the resistance you're setting). Not worth the price in my view

  • Taurus IC90 Pro Indoor Cycle

    Elena 18.4.2021 - Taurus IC90 Pro Indoor Cycle

    The bike itself is very good. I was looking for an indoor cycle that would be quiet, smooth, stable and not too big. For my place extra 15 cm is the difference between being able to open the wardrobe and not being able to, so Taurus IC90 Pro ticks all these boxes. My friend came to assemble, and it didn't take too long. I hate cycling shoes enough to use them in the flat, so only use the basket side of pedals. The saddle seems only to tilt either forward or backward, but I prefer it tilted forward so its fine by me. Overall, I am happy with a bike itself. Computer on the other hand... First, it's very basic, which could be a good thing as simpler equipment often is more accurate, however it's not the case at all. I think only two or three times (and I used it 15 times now over three weeks) readings appeared consistent. I usually start spinning as I switch it on and about a minute later I turn on my wrist watch. With a rare exception an hour on my watch runs out at least two minutes faster than on the computer, so 3 or more minutes are lost somewhere; a few times I caught an RMP and speed meter all of a sudden showing zeroes, from high readings, I saw it happening both when I was changing resistance and with resistance being constant; a few times I saw distance meter being stuck and when then resume after about 30 seconds it wouldn't catch up, but continue from the same number it was previously stuck on, so it makes it impossible to track your progress. If you want this bike for some serious training, then it probably makes sense to get a Bluetooth power meter installed on pedals, and just use the app, because computer is not reliable at all. I am not serious at all, although I have power meters on my road bike and maybe will move it to this one when I have time, if only out of curiosity. Computer aside, it's a good piece of equipment in my opinion and perfect if you just want to exercise.

  • Darwin rowing machine RM40

    Andrea 10.3.2021 - Darwin rowing machine RM40

    Really happy with my purchase, quality is excellent. Would highly recommend!

  • cardiostrong Excercise Bike BX50

    Alexis Graff 10.3.2021 - cardiostrong Excercise Bike BX50

    This bike is amazing and keeps you focused . You don’t get bored and it’s not too big . Overall recommend

  • Darwin rowing machine RM40

    Dominic 28.2.2021 - Darwin rowing machine RM40

    Fantastic rower, definitely recommend!

  • Darwin rowing machine RM40

    Dominic 24.2.2021 - Darwin rowing machine RM40

    Brilliant quality product and service, would recommend. Definitely purchasing from here again!

  • cardiostrong treadmill TX50

    Beth D 22.2.2021 - cardiostrong treadmill TX50

    High-quality machine. I especially like the program options and the fact that the machine folds up out of the way. The only complaint I have is that the emergency part is in a place that I seem to always hit with my hand with starting or pausing, meaning the entire session ends and I have to start over. I know I should be more careful, but when you're tired and get the idea!

  • Darwin rowing machine RM40

    Julia 14.2.2021 - Darwin rowing machine RM40

    Superb quality! Definitely recommend, purchasing from here again, service is brilliant.

  • Horizon Omega Z Treadmill

    Patrick 29.1.2021 - Horizon Omega Z Treadmill

    I have just bought the treadmill. I looks good, the only problem is with FitDisplay app. I installed FitDisplay and ViewFit apps from Google store on two Android devices: 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 tablet (Android 8.0) 2. Huawei P20 Lite smartphone (Android 9.0) I run the app, signed up successfully and tried to connect to my treadmill (BT connection). Steps: 1. Run FitDisplay app on smartphone 2. I hit on "Connect button". In a result I got pop up "Please turn on Bluetooth". I selected "Turn On" option and my Bluetooth is On. 3. I click on "Connect" in my app and in a few seconds I could see Omega Z device 4. I selected Omega Z and after a while my smartphone is connected with treadmill. The BT button on treadmill is switched on automatically. 5. I selected Manual program in my app, setup speed to 5.0 km/h and started the program, so far so good. 6. When I change speed in my app, the BT connection is disconnected and cannot control parameters like Speed on my treadmill via my app. Why? Anybody knows the problem and can advice ? This seems to be a bug, unless you have a walkaround for that. The same steps I did to connect my tablet (Galaxy Tab A 2016). Unfortunately I could not pair successfully my app with the treadmill. I tried many times. What is the problem? Why I cannot use my tablet with FitDisplay app installed? Thank you for you help

  • Taurus Curved Treadmill Run-X

    Tony 22.1.2021 - Taurus Curved Treadmill Run-X

    I've had the treadmill just over a week. Initial impressions. This is a robust piece of kit, it comes with a 2 year guarantee, but I'm expecting a life time of use from this. The running area is ample in size, it is comfortable to run on and it is quiet. It is also challenging, don't expect to be running at the same pace as if you were running outside. The energy required to overcome the resistance of the belt makes it like your running up an incline permanently. Great for short intense running, great for improving your strength in your running. It is quite heavy, so good luck if you are thinking of putting one upstairs, the base itself is the best part of 100kg. Assembly is straight forward, once assembled this thing just dose not move, even when you are going full pace. My only criticism is the monitor, which is pretty useless, it is angled too shallow, you cannot see it whilst you are running. But it has a holder for a tablet that will hold my 17" laptop in position quite safely, initially I was worried it might shake loose, but as I mentioned, the frame just does not move when the treadmill is in use. Overall I'm happy with this treadmill, it is a little expensive, but I feel that the quality of this piece of equipment will see it last for many, many years.I would recommend it as a purchase.

The performance of the cardiovascular system is increased by Cardio training. You achieve your optimal training condition by a controlled training with a continuous load and of middle intensity.

The achieved stamina is the basis for every kind of performance, either for sport or work. Heart rate controlled cardio machines (pulse controlled) offer best conditions for an optimal training. Machines of higher quality like exercise bikes, pulse controlled elliptical cross trainers, and pulse controlled treadmills are recommendable for Cardio training. In general, these cardio machines offer programmes tested on a sport-scientific basis, which allow to do an interesting and varied training.

A pulse monitor is recommendable for running training to be sure of doing an effective training.

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