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Buy weights for strength training at home

Equip your strength training room at home or your gym with weights. Weight training allows strength training of almost the whole body. With a weight set, you purchase weights for all training targets and each training level. Do biceps curls with higher weights as overhead exercises for the triceps.

A weight can be a whole weight set at the same time

One weight already replaces a complete weight set for so-called adjustable dumbbells. These are dumbbells, where single weight elements can be put on or off by a simple locking system.

In practice it means that the dumbbell lies in the rack. You adjust the desired weight on the lock mechanism and just lift the dumbbell. The weight elements, which are not required, remain in the rack. The adjustment is done by a control knob or a simple push lever. No screwing, no putting on weights - an adjustable dumbbell is already the complete weight set.

Advantages of weight training

Train the whole body with weights. Weight training allows maximum flexibility for doing your strength training. Furthermore, weights are an affordable alternative for many other training machines.

In general, weight training offers the user the possibility to do strength training and intensively demands the muscles. Due to the fact that movements of weight training or not guided, but the whole body has to stabilize the movements on its own, additional stimulations are given which support the muscle building.

Weights are not only the right choice for muscle building and strength training: with weights, you can train your strength-stamina, tighten your tissues, and achieve many other positive training effects.

Buy weights - which differences are there?

When you want to buy weights, you should be informed about different versions of weights at first:

- Dumbbells: are often used as pairs and are of most flexible use. As both arms move independently of each other, the coordinative demand is very high - standing for an additional training effect.

- Barbells: offer more stability while doing strength training, as both hands are combined with each other. The coordinative demand is lower, though several weight lifting exercises can be done with a barbell, i.e., squats, deadlift, and bench press.

-Special weight types: SZ bars and triceps trainers are ideal for special training of certain muscle groups and for doing certain strength training exercises. These types of weights are useful for advanced strength athletes, because new impulses and stimulations can be set.

Here you find many different weights and weight sets: compilations of several compact weights, sets of dumbbells with weight stands, adjustable dumbbells, and sets of bars and weights.
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