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Dumbbells - allrounder of strength training
Dumbbells are of versatile use - almost every muscle group can be exercised and many different training aims can be achieved with dumbbell training. Find dumbbells of different versions in our range of products. Here are some advices when you wish to purchase dumbbells:

  • Dumbbell set: dumbbell bar, weight plates, and collars are included in a dumbbell set. Of course, you can purchase these parts separately and compile your own dumbbells as required. The variable weight of these dumbbells is their biggest advantage.
  • Training weight: Training weights are dumbbells with fixed weight. Training weights are not screwed together of weight plates but are casted of one piece. In general, the shape of training weights is bit more compact than that of common dumbbells, making them more suitable for dynamic training, i.e. aerobics, than other weights.
  • Adjustable Dumbbells: This type of weights has its own weight block, which can be completely or partially used as required. The weights, which are not used, remain on the weight rack.
  • Vibration dumbbells: Vibration dumbbells work with the same principle like that of vibration plates. The weight, which is put into vibrations, produces the training resistance.
  • Sand bags: Bags filled with sand, also called sandbags, originate from Functional Training. Sandbags can be used like weights. The weight is simply varied by the filling quantity of the sand.

Our dumbbell buy recommendation:

We recommend to purchase a dumbbell set to start weight training at home. A dumbbell set offers the ideal start for strength training at home.
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