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Training gloves - protection for your hands and more

Gloves for fitness trainng protects your hands from calluses and grazes while exercising. In addition, training gloves stabilize your wrists, as far as wrist wraps are given. Training gloves with wrist wrap are indispensable for exercises with heavy weights like bench press.

Muscle tissue adapts much quicker to loads than a cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Therefore, joints are a flaw for every increase in training weight. It is mainly the wrist which requires a support by bandaging. In case you have problems with wrists while doing strength training, you should purchase training gloves which are equipped with a wrap.

Furthermore, training gloves always offer a safe hold and tight grip for the fitness training. Training gloves also offer a hygienic advantage when you exercise with several persons or at a gym: the skin does not have direct contact to the training machine nor contact to the sweat of the previous user.

The material on the inside of most training gloves is made of real leather or synthetic leather. Real leather is more breathable and offers a higher comfort than synthetic leather and it is more durable. In contrast, synthetic leather remains soft even for contact with humidity and does not change it features over time.

Good training gloves or fitness gloves are recognized by the padding of the palms. This should be strengthened on strongly used positions and should be thinner on less used positions, so that the training glove ensures a maximum flexibility.

The outer material should be open and permeable and be made of breathabel material or be equipped with ventilation holes. A stretchable outer material improves the fitting of the training glove.

Besides closed training or fitness gloves, we also offer so called grip pads. A grip pad is a grip padding for strength training. By means of finger loops, the pad is worn on the palm and can be used for several strength training exercises. As the grip pad is solely on the palm and is not a closed glove, hand and fingers have a maximum mobility.
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