Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad

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Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad

Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad

Workout goal: 10,000 steps
  • A real space saver Simply stow it under the sofa
  • You have reached your goal Run 10,000 steps as you work or watch your favourite series
Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad Awards
Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad Take steps towards more fitness

Take steps towards more fitness

Even 10,000 steps a day should make you significantly fitter and healthier. The Darwin Walking Pad makes it easy to achieve this goal. Set the treadmill in front of your TV and watch your favourite series while you walk. Or you can use the Walking Pad in the home office. Slide the treadmill under your desk and office work becomes a walk in the park. We recommend approx. 2.5 to 3.5 km/h.
Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad It just fits!

It just fits!

The Darwin Walking Pad is a real space saver, thanks to its ingenious design. The treadmill can be folded in two and rolled away, thanks to its castors. The fitness equipment can be stowed anywhere. Simply slide it under your bed or sofa, for example. It fits perfectly, even in a small city apartment.
Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad Incredibly easy to use

Incredibly easy to use

You can easily adjust the speed using the remote control. The remote control can be worn around the wrist or kept in a trouser pocket during your workout. Thanks to the labelled buttons, the remote control is self-explanatory. Between 0.5 and 6 km/h you can set the speed in 0.5 km/h increments.
Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad You have it under control!

You have it under control!

Since the Walking Pad works very well at low speeds, it is a great opportunity for people with limited mobility to get exercise in everyday life. You can also purchase an additional handle. Thanks to this handrail, you have a secure, firm grip while you walk.
Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad It looks great!

It looks great!

The elegant LED display shows your training progress while you run. This shows you time, distance, speed and the amount of calories burned. Thanks to its chic design, the Walking Pad is not the kind of fitness equipment that you want to hide after your workout. The dark frame and subtle colour accents fit into almost any living environment.
Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad Always ready-to-go!

Always ready-to-go!

If you can't wait to start training, the Walking Pad is a real gift. The small treadmill is ready for immediate use. Lift it out of the box, unfold the running surface and off you go. No assembly, no screwing – just start walking!

  • 10.000 steps in a day? Absolutely no problem with the Darwin Walking Pad.
  • Foldable treadmill: for use at home or in the office
  • Can be perfectly integrated into daily house and office work
  • Especially space saving thanks to the folding mechanism and special running mat
  • Recommended speed while working in the office: 2.5km/h up to 3.5km/h
  • Max. speed: 6km/h
  • Remote controlled
  • Intelligent speed control via pressure sensors: If you walk towards the front of the treadmill, the speed increases. If you walk towards the rear of the treadmill, the speed will decrease.
  • Absolute noise-free training
  • Extraordinary low step on height of just 57mm
  • "Hidden" LED Display: unobtrusive and elegant in the motor cover
  • Aluminium frame construction: very light while beign very durable
  • Discreetly built transport wheels
  • An optional handrail for the Darwin Walking Pad is separately available.
  • So that you can get used to moving on the Walking Pad, the speed is initially limited to a maximum of 3 km/h. To unlock the top speed of 6 km/h, you have to walk for 20 minutes in one go.
  • Max. user-weight: 100 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad: (L) 144 cm x (W) 55 cm x (H) 13 cm
    Folded - Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad: (L) 83 cm x (W) 55 cm x (H) 13 cm
  • Technical information:
    • Running surface: 120 x 41.5 cm
    • speed: 0.5 - 6 km/h (Adjustable in increments starting from 0.5 km/h)
  • Computer:
    • Display: duration, distance, speed,
    • Display of exercise profiles via LED
  • Features:
    • Extras: transport wheels, foldable

The Darwin Walking Pad – fits into every household

The Darwin Walking Pad, featuring an elegant LED display, fits into every household. Thanks to its folding mechanism and special running mat, the treadmill can be stowed away to save space. The foldable treadmill is suitable for use at home as well as in the home office. You can put it in the living room and watch TV as you exercise. You can put it under a raised desk – this makes email correspondence or business phone calls like a walk in the park.

Step by step towards a healthier life

We all know that sitting for hours is harmful to the body. Standing is better. But it is even better to keep moving. Just 10,000 steps a day can lead to a significantly healthier and fitter life. With the Darwin Walking Pad, you can easily reach these 10,000 steps. You can easily incorporate movement into your daily activities. You lose weight, do something for your metabolism and cardiovascular system and simply get fitter. Just like that.

The Walking Pad offers speeds from 0.5 to 6 km/h. You can easily set this with the small remote control. You can wear it on your wrist or place it on your desk. So that you can get used to walking on the Walking Pad, the maximum speed is initially limited to 3 km/h. But as soon as you have walked 1 km in one go, you can also take a brisk walk at 6 km/h.

They really made an effort!

Thanks to its aluminium frame, the Walking Pad is very lightweight. It has a load capacity of up to 100 kilograms. High durability and lightweight: this is evidence of excellent workmanship.

The developers also came up with a lot of design ideas! The LED display is inconspicuously built into the engine cover and is only visible when the device is in operation. The black frame is discreet and the colour elements are elegant and modern. The Walking Pad is definitely not a fitness device that you have to hide after your workout. But if you want to stow it away, that's no problem either. Fold the Walking Pad in two and you can store it almost anywhere.

Perfectly suited for improving mobility

The Walking Pad is a great gift for people with limited mobility. First of all, it is designed for low speeds. It also has an extremely low ascent height of just 57 mm. A good quality treadmill is usually around 200 mm. In addition, handles for the Walking Pad can also be purchased separately. These provide support and make you feel much safer!

Ready to use straight out of the box

The Darwin Walking Pad is delivered pre-assembled. Unfold the treadmill and check whether the running mat is centred. Then just plug it in. Let's go! Switch the treadmill on and use the remote control to select the speed.

With just four buttons, the remote control is very easy to use. The labels are self-explanatory. Two of the buttons on the remote control can be used to adjust the speed. The third button is used to change programmes. You can issue the start and stop commands with the button in the middle. Child's play, right?

Darwin Treadmill Walking Pad Awards

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