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Aerobic-dumbbells: handy workout weights

Aerobic-dumbbells are remarkably compact and handy weights for dumbbell workout within strength endurance training. Especially aerobic group workouts like Zumba have made aerobic dumbbells popular. However, aerobic dumbbells are also ideal for other kinds of strength training.

More advantages of aerobic weights:

For example, aerobic weights can also be used for muscle building. Challenging weight training exercises such as side raises are often sufficiently taxing and stimulate muscle growth even with lighter training weights. These kinds of weights are also ideal for gentle training after an injury or for preventative training for the elderly.

We offer aerobic weights with a great variety of different shapes, colours, weights, and coatings. Aerobic dumbbells usually have a fixed weight, therefore we also offer dumbbell sets including different pairs of weights.
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