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Boxing gloves - protection for your hands

Punch bag gloves are an important accessory for your boxing training, because they protect your hands from injuries and make more intensive workout sessions possible. Shape and padding of punch bag gloves are especially adapted to a training on the punch bag and give your wrist a maximum of stability.

Punch bag gloves can be used for punch bag training of almost each martial arts, i.e., boxing, MMA, kick boxing, and Krav Maga as well as many more martial arts.

Being especially designed for increase in punch, the padding of punch bag gloves is thinner and lighter than that of common boxing gloves. A reason, why they are ideal for training on other boxing training equipment like speedballs, punching balls, and double end balls. Therefore, the sizes of those boxing gloves are given in S-XXL and not in ounces.

We recommend you to purchase boxing wraps due to the low padding of punch bag gloves, because these protect your wrist from injuries even for strong punches.

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