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Model 2020/21

cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i

Item number CST-BX70i-2
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Customer ratings (633)
633 Customer ratings
4.84 of 5 Stars
Fitshop Expert Review (Info)
Fitshop puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Fitshop expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
Smoothness of Rotation
The equipment includes, i.e., the brake system providing a comfortable workout motion. In combination with the training pc, precise resistance adjustments and diversion while exercising are made possible. Transport wheels, bottle holders, pulse measuring are extras increasing training comfort or effectivity and contributing to a good evaluation.
A sturdy frame construction, high weight, and safe stastand provide stability of the ergometer. A stable ergometer has a higher weight load capacity. Frame and handlebar are less loose for higher training intensities, the ergometer is more durable.
Besides the transmission ratio, the balance unit contributes to the concentric run. It consists of balance mass, pedal bearing, ball bearings, etc.. The better the concentric run, the more joint-gentle becomes the workout.
An ergonomic construction of the rgometer prevents signs of tiredness and physiological bad postures. Details like adjustment of saddle and handlebar, a low entry, pedal sapce, and general construction of the machine provide good ergonomics.
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electromagnetic induction braking system 10-350 watts
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Exercise programmes 18
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Flywheel mass 10 kg
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Max. user-weight 150 kg

cardiostrong BX70i ergometer exercise bike

Comfortable exercise bike for home and semi-professional use

  • High training comfort
    Comfortable saddle, low step through, easy to use
  • Travel worldwide routes
    Compatible with Kinomap and iConsole +
Figure: Excellent quality of movement
Excellent quality of movement
The BX70i features a highly-developed induction braking system. This maintenance-free braking system ensures very smooth running. In addition, the resistance can be set and precisely calculated in small increments of 5 watts. This allows you to accurately measure your performance and training progress.
Figure: Low step through
Low step through
The slim frame of the BX70i not only looks stylish, its deliberate lack of cladding between the console mast and the seat gives it another advantage. This makes it easy and safe to get on and off. The open step through provides additional safety, especially for people with limited mobility.
Figure: Comfortable saddle
Comfortable saddle
With the large, softly padded saddle, you have the best conditions for a comfortable bike training session. A comfortable saddle is a must, especially for long endurance sessions. It can also be easily adjusted and adapted exactly to your height. Would you prefer to train with your own bike saddle? No problem: the saddle on the BX70i is interchangeable.
Figure: A highly stable load capacity
A highly stable load capacity
With a maximum user weight of 150 kg, the BX70i is one of the best when it comes to resilience – a great ergometer for overweight exercisers who want to burn calories. The frame is made from one piece. Thanks to its great stability, the BX70i is even approved for use in hotels, clubs or for company fitness studios.
Figure: Flexible grip options
Flexible grip options
Are you more of a relaxed or sporty rider? You can be both on the BX70i: the handlebars offer various grip options for almost upright sitting or a sporty sprint position. So you can choose/switch between different grip positions during bike training. This is more comfortable and prevents signs of fatigue.
Figure: Realistic riding experience
Realistic riding experience
Ride through the Swiss Alps or along the Côte d'Azur: the BX70i is compatible with Kinomap and iConsole +. These training apps give you access to numerous videos of bike routes around the world on your tablet or smartphone. Great feature: the apps automatically adjust the intensity of your training according to the route.
Figure: Simple training control
Simple training control
The training computer is particularly easy to use and made for the whole family. Thanks to the simple interface, you can start your ergometer training straight away. The central control element is the silver jog wheel, which you can use to set all training values and select a programme.

Fitshop Expert Review

Smoothness of Rotation

Fitshop puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Fitshop expert review and find your appropriate equipment.

Technical information

  • Model 2020/21 info
    The model year describes the current model of the respective season beginning in autumn of previous year. The descriptions are not absolutely based upon a change in product or year of production.
  • Technical information - cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i:
    • Braking system: electromagnetic induction brake
    • Output: 10 - 350 W (Adjustable in increments starting from 5 Watt)
    • RPM-independent resistance control
    • Flywheel mass: 10 kg
    • Gear ratio: 1:8.1
  • Computer - cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i:
    • Display: duration, distance, speed, watts, RPM, calories, heart rate
    • Display of exercise profiles via LCD
    • Exercise programmes in total: 18, of which custom: 1, heart rate controlled: 4
    • Resistance levels: 32
    • User memory: 4
  • Features - cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i:
    • heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors + chest strap (sold separately)
    • Chest strap for telemetric heart rate measurement sold separately
    • Power supply: mains adaptor
    • Saddle adjustment: incline, horizontal, vertical
    • Removable saddle
    • pedals with toe clips and straps
    • Extras: extra low access, transport wheels, drinking bottle holder
  • Compatible with the Kinomap app, which now features videos of 200,000 km of routes
  • Exercise bike with excellent training values for regular cardio training at home
  • Advanced induction brake system for very smooth run and precise setting of the resistance
  • Compatible with the iConsole-App for better training control, analysis, and storing
  • For training beginners, who search for a joint-gentle, comfortable fitness machine - as well as for fitness enthusiasts with high requirements regarding motion quality and stability – suitable for semi-professional use
  • Precious design and high stability thanks to curved main frame in one piece
  • Many grip possibilities for upright sitting or sprint position
  • Design with deep step-through for easy getting on
  • Sitting position is quite easy to adjust
  • Very big, very comfortable saddle
  • Saddle can be exchanged to a common bike saddle
  • iConsole free on google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Max. user-weight - cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i: 150 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i: (L) 96 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 143 cm

cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i – brake system and drive

The cardiostrong BX70i ergometer exercise bike was particularly convincing in our test series, thanks to the interaction of its drive and braking system. This ergometer is equipped with a high-quality induction brake system. This maintenance-free method of resistance generation is particularly precise, the adjustment of the resistance is faster and the calculation of the actual (watt) power is more accurate. The brake acts on a 10 kg mass flywheel. Thanks to the excellent workmanship, the cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i offers excellent concentricity. This makes endurance training at home more pleasant and, by avoiding load peaks, it is also easier on the joints. Their power is transferred to the flywheel mass via a drive belt made of plastic composite. This type of drive will not wear out and is very quiet. So you can watch TV or speak to someone as you exercise.

cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i – training computer

The BX70i ergometer exercise bike was convincing in the practical tests because of its particularly easy operation. The ergometer exercise bike's training computer is controlled by a jog wheel and a dial. This allows all values to be quickly selected and confirmed. An overview of the 12 pre-installed programmes is shown on the display.

Besides the usual programmes like interval training or cycling against alternating resistance, the resistance can also be controlled via other modes. This includes the heart rate programme, for example: choose between 3 pre-programmed heart rate zones or enter a target heart rate yourself. In the manual mode, the degree of difficulty can be set to suit you. In watt mode, the output to be provided always remains the same. This means that if you pedal faster, the resistance is reduced at the same time. In the practical test, the cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i showed a quick reaction to a change in pedalling speeds. The resistance performance in watt mode can be set from 10 to 350 Watts.

cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i – comfort features

The cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i has many features that make endurance training at home a comfortable experience. It starts with the ascent. It starts when you get on. Thanks to the low step through, it is also easy for people with limited mobility. The saddle is very big and softly padded – ideal for longer training sessions. The height, horizontal distance and incline of the sitting position can be adjusted to perfectly adapt to your body size.

The ergometer exercise bike's handlebar permits several training positions, depending on whether you prefer to sit upright or go into the sprint position and support your arms. The hand pulse sensors for pulse measurement are also located on the front of the handle.

A bottle holder is attached to the ergometer's one-piece frame so that you always have a reserve tank to hand during long training sessions. Castors on the front stand ensure that the upright bike can be easily moved before and after a training session, for example if you want to train in front of the television.

PDF document for the product

Warranty conditions: cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.
Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use (Find out more)
The scope of warranty for home use includes private use of fitness equipment in a private household.

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
24 months
Semiprofessional use (Find out more)
A semi-professional use is given, when the fitness equipment is used in instutitions like hotels, schools, clubs, or for rehabilitation, company fitness, etc..

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
12 months
Professional use (Find out more)
The warranty for professional use concerns fitness equipment at public, commercial institutions (i.e., gyms).

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.

cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i Test & Evaluations:

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4.84 of 5 Stars
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Opinion of other customers:

en by Allan on 12.4.2020 5
Brilliant bike! I bought it the day before the lockdown started in the UK and it's helping me keep fit and stay sane during the Covid-19 crisis. Very smooth action, and very quiet. The bike feels as solid as the professional machines in the gym. I'm particularly enjoying using it with the Kinomap app, which means that ... [Read more]I can cycle real rides all over the world! It would be helpful if it were compatible with some of the other mainstream cycling apps, like Zwift, Rouvy and BKool, but so long as Kinomap continues to work well, I'm happy! [Show less]
en by Anonym on 24.7.2018 5
Zeer prettige hometrainer, degelijke materialen en trapt heel erg soepel. Ik heb ook de Life Fitness C1 bekeken maar vindt deze hometrainer meer waar voor mijn geld
en by Anonym on 20.4.2018 5
Hiervoor heb ik ook een hometrainer gehad maar die was lang niet zo goed als deze. Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van de gratis montage wat soepel verliep. De installateur wist waar hij het over had en had de hometrainer al snel geïnstalleerd. Dankzij de feedback die je krijgt kun je doelen voor jezelf gaan stellen wat naar mi... [Read more]jn mening mensen gemotiveerd houdt! De Hometrainer bevat veel goede functies. Al met al, ik ben erg enthousiast over deze hometrainer. [Show less]
en by Anonym on 30.5.2016 5 Model: CST-BX70i
Excellent quality and sturdy bike. Very quiet. About one hour to assemble. If you buy it from the German site note the instruction book is in German and it comes with a continental plug.
de by Gutwerk Helmut on 3.3.2021 5
Habe viel zu lange gewartet, dieses Ergometer zu bestellen! Die landläufige Meinung (unter den Heilberufen und Physios) ist, dass ca. 90 % dieser Geräte nach einer Anfangs-Nutzung unbenutzt herumstehen … Das scheint mit unserem BX 70i in Verbindung mit iconsole bzw. BitGym nicht der Fall zu sein ! Als nächstes probier... [Read more]e ich noch Kinomap zur Probe ... [Show less]

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