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cardiojump fitness trampoline

cardiojump fitness trampoline

Diverse training that is really fun
  • Varied and gentle on the joints For gentle and effective cardiovascular and fitness training
  • Folding mechanism Super flat – simply stow away under the sofa
cardiojump Fitness Trampoline Premium Practical folding mechanism

Practical folding mechanism

Thanks to its foldable legs, the space-saving trampoline can be stowed easily away. The folding legs make the trampoline flat enough to be simply pushed under the sofa or bed. The rubber feet covers protect the floor and prevent the trampoline from slipping.
cardiojump Fitness Trampoline Premium Compact and lightweight design

Compact and lightweight design

Before each workout, set up the fitness trampoline where you would like to train this time, for example in front of the TV or with a view of the garden. Since it is lightweight, it can be easily carried by just one person. You can do your training anywhere in the living room and train in peace, because trampoline jumping is very quiet. The cardiojump trampoline is delivered already assembled. All you have to do is take it out of the box and unfold the legs. You can start training immediately.
cardiojump Fitness Trampoline Premium Hardwearing jumping mat

Hardwearing jumping mat

The cardiojump fitness trampoline includes a very hardwearing jumping mat. It consists of absolutely tear-resistant material and is therefore perfectly protected against "wearing out" even after years of use. High-quality rubber rings also ensure a very gentle and balanced jump.
cardiojump Fitness Trampoline Premium Many different exercises are possible

Many different exercises are possible

The indoor trampoline offers training options for all age groups, training levels and training goals. Trampoline training uses up to 25% more calories than jogging. The variety of exercises also speaks for itself: you can practice many different fitness exercises and levels of difficulty on the trampoline. And it's also great fun!
cardiojump Fitness Trampoline Premium Available in three sizes

Available in three sizes

The cardiojump fitness trampoline is available in three different sizes. Depending on your height and training requirements, you can get exactly the right trampoline that suits you best. The sporty mini trampoline also looks great with its chic, colourful design. A handrail for the trampoline is also available separately, offering additional support when doing jumping fitness exercises.

  • Gentle jumping properties thanks to the high quality bungie-rings
  • High-quality fitness trampoline
  • Training on a trampoline burns up to 25% more calories as compared to jogging
  • Easy storage thanks to the foldable legs
  • For a gentle and very effective cardiovascular and fitness training
  • Jumping on the trampoline is very quiet. For example you can train while watching TV
  • Rubber feet protect the floor and prevents the rebounder from sliding
  • Very easy on the joints: e.g. can be used for rehabilitation measures (Holding-rod available separately)
  • Nice colour design
  • Jumping on a trampoline stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow
  • The core muscles are required to stablise and, therefore, trained due to the instability of the jumping mat
  • Rust free frame and durable jumping mat
  • Max. user-weight: 125 kg

The cardiojump fitness trampoline: fun and effective fitness training!

The cardiojump fitness trampoline is available in three different sizes and offers an enjoyable way to keep fit at home in a varied and joint-friendly way. The fitness trampoline not only looks good, it also lets you do great jumps, and can be easily stowed away thanks to the foldable legs.

The cardiojump fitness trampoline offers complete satisfaction, in terms of training quality, workmanship and design. The mini trampoline is suspended by rubber ropes. This ensures a very even and balanced jump. The fitness trampoline's suspension is pleasantly soft and therefore very easy on the joints. In addition, a soft suspension has a nice side effect: the calorie consumption increases. If you jog on the cardiojump fitness trampoline, the calorie consumption is up to 25% higher than when jogging on the street.

The cardiojump fitness trampoline for all age groups and training goals

The indoor trampoline offers several different training options for all age groups and training levels. For younger users, the focus is on having fun. Older users can have fun too, course. Thanks to this joint-friendly training equipment, everyone can reach their target with fun and a little discipline. A protective edge covers the hanging eyelets and with the separately available handrail, getting on and off is even safer. The handrail can also be used to focus on and provides stability when doing more strenuous and jump-intensive exercises.

High quality and the best workmanship

Regular checks ensure consistently good quality. The high-quality finish of the individual parts means that the trampoline requires no maintenance. The jumping mat is made of tear-resistant, hardwearing material that won't wear out. A floor protector is also included, making sure your floor is immediately suitable for trampoline use.

Manual cardiojump fitness trampoline

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years
Semiprofessional use 12 months
Professional use 6 months

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sehr gutes trampolin - nette beratung im store köln
0 persons found this review helpful
Sehr nette Begrüßung und prompte Beratung im tidje store Köln, so stellt man sich einen Einkauf vor. Ich habe getestet und das große Trampolin gewählt. Nur bei der Änderung der Lieferadresse musste ich doch noch einmal nachhaken, da die telefonisch zugesagte Bestätigung nicht erfolgte. Aber auf meine Mail wurde prompt reagiert und die Zustellung hat problemlos geklappt. (leider steht jetzt eine Palette, die ich loswerden muss vor unserer Haustür, aber das liegt ja an der spedition) Das Trampolin ist qualitativ hochwertig und die ersten jumping Workouts waren super! Es ist bereits mein drittes Trampolin und mit Abstand das beste bisher! Ich hoffe dieser Eindruck bleibt auch nach intensiver Nutzung bestehen…... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
God trampolin til pengene. Den har et godt bounce, når jeg hopper i hoppedugen, så den kan bruges til reel jumping fitness træning.
Cardiojump Fitnesstrampolin Premium 112 cm
0 persons found this review helpful
Perfektes Trainingsgerät. Gut stabile und kontrollierte Verarbeitung. Klappbare Beine und optimmaler Mattenspannung zwischen Weichheit und Härte. Für ein abwechslungsreiches Training habe ich mich für die mittlere Grösse, 112 cm entschieden. Der "Aufpreis" hat sich gelohnt. Das Trampolin eignet sich für meine Übung mit der Gerätehöhe von 35 cm, bei einer Raumhöhe von 230 cm und bei meiner Körperlänge von 171 cm ideal. Der Internetauftritt, Test- und Kundenbeurteilungen, sowie die AGB sind vorbildlich und kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. ... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Det er rigtig gode og solide materialer, den er lavet af. Den står helt fast og rykker sig ikke ud af stedet, når jeg hopper – og jeg hopper godt til! Holdestangen er god at have med og let at sætte på og tage af.
Cardiojumb Ft 125
1 person found this review helpful
Sehr gut verarbeitet, leise. Sehr angenehm, dass es fertig montiert geliefert wurde. Handhabung sehr gut. Angenehm zum Verstauen, Haltestange kann mit zwei Drehknöpfen einfach und schnell abmontiert werden . Die Befestigungsklemme für die Haltestange stört beim Verstauen nicht.
cardiostrong bc 60
0 persons found this review helpful
Hervorragende Qualität u.a. durch den Gel-Sitz.
Cardiojump Premium 125 cm
1 person found this review helpful
Fertig montiert erhalten, daher gleich losgejumpt! Die Verarbeitung ist hochwertig, die Spannung des Sprungtuchs genau richtig - nicht zu straff und nicht zu weich. Meine Anregung zur weiteren Optimierung des Produkts: Haltestange klappbar wie Füsse, so könnte das Trampolin mit weniger Aufwand verstaut werden.
0 persons found this review helpful
Fed trampolin til pengene. Nem at have med at gøre, og nem sætte til siden, når jeg ikke bruger den. Det er super god motion, jeg får på den, og samtidig er det jo super sjovt også.
Cardiostrong Fitnesstrampolin 100
0 persons found this review helpful
Nach sehr guter telefonischer und persönlicher Beratung habe das Trampolin im Geschäft abgeholt. Ich bin mit der Qualität sehr zufrieden und habe mir noch eine Haltestange dazubestellt.
0 persons found this review helpful
Jeg fik denne trampolin af min mand efter at have plaget om den i et halvt år. Jeg er så glad for den! Og jeg tager næsten ikke i fitness mere, det er fantastisk.

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