Taurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar

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Taurus Selectabell Barbell and curl bar

Taurus Selectabell Barbell and curl bar

  • 13 dumbbells in one You get 2 bars with 13 weight levels each
  • Participate in a variety of exercises Train your entire body effectively
Taurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar AwardsTaurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar AwardsTaurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar Awards
Taurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar Speedy, speedier, Selectabell

Speedy, speedier, Selectabell

Change the weight of the barbell and curl bar in just a few seconds. The simple adjustment mechanism makes it possible to adjust both dumbbells at 13 weight levels. Pull the pen and select a weight between 9.1 and 36.3 kg (20-80 lbs) on the barbell. The curl bar can be adjusted from 6.8 to 34kg (15-75 lbs) in 4.5kg increments, making it possible to quickly change exercises.
Taurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar Quality that speaks for itself

Quality that speaks for itself

The barbell bars are exceptionally well made and therefore particularly durable. They are also provided with knurls so that you always have a firm grip and feel you've got a first-class training session. The dumbbell stand has a high-quality powder coating, making it particularly stylish and durable. Thanks to the rubber coating, putting down the dumbbells is always safe and quiet.
Taurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar Double your workout success

Double your workout success

When you buy the Selectabell, you get two dumbbell bars including weights for effective strength training, meaning you have everything you need for a successful workout. Thanks to the accompanying dumbbell stand, training is very comfortable. Bars and discs have their place and no longer lie about on the floor. You can pick up the weight from the stand in a way that's particularly easy on your back.
Taurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar Huge variety of exercises

Huge variety of exercises

With the Selectabell dumbbell bars, you can effectively train your entire body. Whether they are squats, bicep curls, deadlifts, rows or shoulder lifts, almost any exercise is possible with the dumbbells. Thanks to the many weight gradations, you have the right weight for all exercises and all that in just one device.

  • Exceptionally good workmanship: in terms of longevity and training feel, the Taurus Selectabells look like they have been made from the same mould.
  • Fewer breaks – more efficiency: you can change the weight or barbell quickly and at any time. This shortens the number of breaks between exercises and you get the most out of your training session.
  • Great adjustment mechanism: it couldn't be easier – pull the pin, choose the weight, let the pin click into place again
  • Maximum training variety – you have two grip variants: a straight barbell bar and a curl bar. This way, you can vary your focus on different muscle groups and choose a grip variant that is easy on the joints for each exercise
  • This keeps things tidy and saves space: the weights that are not being used during the training session stay on the weight rack – everything in one place; no chaos with weights lying around
  • Stable and safe: the dumbbells and matching rack are perfectly coordinated; a special rubber coating on the frame makes sure that nothing slips, even when you put a full dumbbell back
  • Weight gradations:
    • Barbell: 9.1–36.3 kg in 4.5 kg increments (20–80 lbs)
    • Curl bar: 6.8–34 kg in 4.5 kg increments (15–75 lbs)
    • With asymmetrical distribution, each dumbbell offers 13 weight gradations
  • Chic and robust: the frame of the dumbbell stand is protected by an elegant and particularly hardwearing powder coating.
  • Keep a grip on things even when your hands are sweaty, thanks to the knurling on the handles
  • Handle dimensions: inside dimensions 96 cm, diameter: 32 mm
  • Barbell height: 65 cm
  • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar: (L) 43 cm x (W) 116 cm x (H) 75 cm

Numerous training options in one dumbbell

With a barbell and a curl bar, you have unimagined possibilities for strength training. Barbell training and the curl bar is one of the most effective training options in the strength area. To specifically train the muscles with the correct weight, frequent changes in weight levels are necessary, or these must always be available. With the barbell set you save weight plates and time during training and you can use the simple adjustment mechanism to train between 9.1 to 36.3kg on the barbell and 6.8 to 34kg on the curl bar.

It couldn't be more convenient

With the Selectabell system, weight changes can be done in a few seconds. In addition, dumbbell bars and discs have a firm place on the practical stand. This means that the days of windows rattling and training room chaos are over.

Exercises for everybody

Exercises for all muscle groups are possible with the barbell and the curl bar. The legs can be effectively trained with squats and lunges. The barbell is also ideal for back exercises such as rowing and deadlifting. The chest muscles can also be strengthened with wide and tight bench presses. Even the shoulders benefit from barbell exercises, with the curl bar being ideal for arm exercises. This includes bicep curls and tricep extensions.
Taurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar AwardsTaurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar AwardsTaurus Selectabell Barbell and Curl Bar Awards

Manual Taurus ADB-80

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 24 months
Semiprofessional use 12 months

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Bon produit
0 persons found this review helpful
Très bon produit de qualité, rien à dire.
Langhantel / SZ - Allrounder!
4 persons found this review helpful
Ich habe das Produkt dankend erhalten und ich bin begeistert davon! Ich Spare ordentlich Zeit bei der Nutzung des Gerätes. Keine lästigen Umstellungen der Gewichte mehr und auch keine Hantelscheiben die überall verteilt liegen oder auf die Gewichtsscheibenablage wieder gelegt werden müssen. Alles sitzt kompakt und einsatzbereit an Ort und Stelle. Ich trainiere überwiegend die Arme damit. Das Gewicht ist für mich persönlich mehr als ausreichend für ein hartes und intensives Training. Die Griffe sind nicht zu dick und auch nicht zu dünn. Die Umsteckfunktion läuft einwandfrei zwischen allen Gewichtsstufungen. Ich bin glücklich damit, vielen Dank! :) ... [Read more]
Good quality, but has "bottom-heavy" weight plates
1 person found this review helpful
I've had this set for a few weeks now, and overall I'm satisfied but not exactly blown away. It solves the primary problems of using loose weight plates on traditional bars: loose plates making a mess, and swapping weights being slow & cumbersome. However, it's not perfect. The selectabell slider system itself seems robust, but is prone to hangups (i.e. you can't move the slider in a given direction) if the plates are not perfectly aligned. The tolerances are acceptable for a system like this I think, and you learn to "wiggle" the slider pretty quickly - or rotate the offending plate a mm or two in the right direction, so the slider can pass it again. A bigger issue is that the weight plates themselves are bottom heavy. Not much, but clearly noticeable. So the bar will always have a tendency to align itself top/down correctly. This is especially noticeable for the already-uneven curl bar, where the added weight can be even further from your grip, meaning you have to keep a firm grip on it or it'll twist in your hands. So -- for most exercises I'd probably prefer a non-selectabell bar, but the convenience of quickly grabbing the desired weight on the selectabell is just super nice to have. If you swap weights often, it's probably worth it but if you rarely swap weights, go with traditional bars/plates instead. They feel better.... [Read more]
Komfortables Training
4 persons found this review helpful
Wir waren lange auf der Suche nach einem Langhantelset, hatten aber immer
Gutes Gerät
1 person found this review helpful
Schnelle Lieferung. Gutes Gerät platzsparend bin sehr zufrieden ????. Perfekt ???? Alles okay. Preisleistung Top.
Stimmiges Gesamtpaket
5 persons found this review helpful
Habe mir das TAURUS SELECTABELL LANGHANTEL und CURLSTANGE Set gekauft. Alles schön kompakt Langhantel, Curlstange und Gewichte sind perfekt aufgeräumt auf der Halterung. Einzig die flüßige Verstellung wie im Video zu sehen ist, ist bei mir jetzt nicht ganz so. Bei einer Seite ja bei der anderen ist ein bisschen Geduld gefragt. ( auf beiden Stangen gleich, komisch ) Vielleicht habt ihr hier einen Tipp? Trotzdem finde ich das System an sich klasse, auch die Verarbeitung ist für diesen Preis wunderbar.... [Read more]

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