Tanita body composition monitor BC-601

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  • Keypad and LCD-coloured display are on the handgrips and facilitate to read and to use the item
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • The segment measuring considers all body segments (arm, leg and trunc zone) and offers, therefore, an extremely precise measuring of the copmlete body composition !
  • Body fat mass in 0.1%-increments and muscle mass in 100-grammes-increments with evaluation
  • Many innovative functions:
  • Measuring of water balance, bone weight, metabolic age, visceral fat level with evaluation and trend indication
  • Daily calory requirement in kcal and Joule
  • Fit/Fat Bodyindex also for children from 7 years
  • Incl. athlete-mode
  • Athletes have a modified metabolism and an increased muscle density. This density results in an increase of resistance in the body. You have to calculate with another formula and use the athlete mode in order to interprete this higher resistance not only as fat mass.
  • 4 persons memory + guest mode
  • Batteries are included in delivery !
  • Graduation: 100g
  • Load: 150kg
  • Colour: anthracite-silver
  • Dimensions set-up - Tanita body composition monitor BC-601: (L) 5 cm x (W) 40 cm x (H) 30 cm

Tanita reinforces the upper performance range of body composition monitors with the Tanita Inner Scan BC601. The two-frequencies-measurement of the Tanita scales BC601 guarantees an even greater precision and reproducibility compared to the often used one-frequency-measurement. Thereby, a weak power is conducted through the body twice, one after the other, and the resistance is measured. The current conduction searches its way around the cells for the first frequency. At the second frequency, the current conduction goes through the cells.
The BC 601 scales of Tanita does not only measure the lower body like other body composition monitors but arms and trunc segments are also involved in body measuring. The user stands on the four electrodes of the thread and grasps the hand electrodes of the extensible connecting cable. Thereby, the electrical resistance gets measured five times on different distances - from foot to foot, from hand to hand, left hand to right foot, right hand to left foot, and left hand to left foot. This segment measuring, offering separate measuring values for each arm, leg and trunc zone, leads to a 100% covering of the body. Other manufacturers and models only reach a covering of 75 %, in contrast. The provided high precision has an effect on sportsment/sportswomen and person, whose physique deviates from the standard.

Being a premium body composition monitor, the Tanita BC601 has the approved Tanita Inner Scan functions which offer a detailed overview about the inner health. Besides muscle mass, body fat (both with evaluation) and water balance, the innovative body composition monitor BC601 of Tanita measures among others bone weight, organ fat and metabolic age. In addition, the scales BC601 measures the visceral fat bamm; this means the fat depots which are not under the skin (subcutaneous fat) but mainly in the free abdominal cavity (organ fat). Abnormally increased visceral fat, often originating from lack of movement and wrong nutrition, is a serious healthy risk - especially regarding cardiovasuclar diseases and diabetes, type II.
While measuring the metabolic age, the current basal metabolic rate of the body is calculated. This value indicates which age level the body of the user has at the moment. If the indicated age is higher than the actual age, the scales recommends the user to increase his/her basal metabolic rate by sports. By increasing sports activities, muscle tissue is built which burns more calories and reduces the metabolic age.
The handgrips and the big coloured display plus keys of the Tanita body composition monitor BC-601 form a practical unit. Thereby, on the one hand, the use of the Tanita scales can be accomplished in standing position (instead of in squat-position). On the other hand, the values do not have to be read from the floor but are shown on hip height.

manual Tanita BC-601 ENG 1

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0 persons found this review helpful
Advantages The quality and reliability of the product. The features are so many and detailed. Disatvantages The price for so many features is not beating the competitors which on the other hand have not the brand sophistication as Tanita
0 persons found this review helpful
Very good product, SD-card function stores your measurements for 4 person. With 4 point measurement you get your legs and hands individual figures for fat and muscles!
1 person found this review helpful
Die Waage zeigt einem schnell und zuverlässig die medizinisch relevanten Parameter wie BMI, Fett- und Muskelmasse sowie den Anteil des viszeralen Fettes. Lediglich das "biologische Alter", welches sich am BMI orientiert, hätte man weglassen können.
2 persons found this review helpful
Die Waage misst Gewicht, Fettanteil, Wasseranteil, Knochenmasse, Muskelmasse, etc. zuverlässig. Mit leichten Abweichungen von Tag zu Tag (kleine Messfehler als auch Unterschiede im Körper) muss man rechnen - allerdings fallen diese Differenzen bei mir persönlich minimal aus. Einziger Nachteil ist die Verarbeitung am PC. Am Mac Book lässt sich die Datei auf der SD Karte nicht verarbeiten. Auf einem Windows PC konnte ich eine Excel Datei öffnen, diese war aber sehr unübersichtlich. Man kann sich ein Datenblatt ausdrucken und per Hand ausfüllen - funktioniert so deutlich besser! Waage an sich sehr gut!... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Die Waage hält was sie verspricht, wenn man sie richtig benutzt und die Anwendungen richtig einstellt, z.B. Fitness wer schon extrem trainiert ist, 15% Körperfett bei mir stimmt in etwa, nach mehrmaligen wiegen weicht jeden Tag das Ergebnis etwa 1% ab, aber gibt die Werte doch sehr genau wie wieder innerhalb der Toleranz. Unsere ganze Familie ist mehr als zu frieden mit dem Produkt und wir würden die Waage jederzeit wieder kaufen.
0 persons found this review helpful
Einfache Handhabung und Benützer Daten Eingabe. Einfache Installation der PC Software der auf der SD karte bereitgestellt ist.
0 persons found this review helpful
Un producto de mucha calidad a un precio al alcance de todos. Nos permite con exactitud, hacer una valoración corporal de bastante importancia para saber qué camino tomar en cuanto a la mejora del físico.
0 persons found this review helpful
Le programme ne fonctionne pas sur Mac... c'est dommage, et donc cela ne sert à rien d'avoir pris les données transférables... A part cela, j'apprécie particulièrement la précision de la balance... cela m'aide à me motiver à perdre de la masse grasse.
0 persons found this review helpful
Un balance qui mesure au moins 9 paramètres dans le corps.C'est génial!
0 persons found this review helpful
Super produit. Il manquait un mode d emploi en papier :) Sinon dans l ensemble je suis contente de mon produit et satisfaite

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