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Exercise at home with an indoor table tennis board.

Table tennis has already been very popular worldwide for more than 100 years. It is independent of age or fitness level: playing on an indoor table tennis board trains fitness, coordination, and reaction - and it makes a lot of fun. You do not have to become a club member for occasional table tennis matches or workout sessions. Exercise and play comfortably at home with an indoor table tennis board. Compared to other ball sports, an indoor table tennis table demands low space in a fitness room or in the cellar. As most indoor table tennis boards are of official tournament dimensions, you even exercise under authentic conditions - at home !

I wish to purchase an indoor table tennis board - what do I have to consider ?

At first, the thickness of the board is decisive. The thickness of a table tennis table with chipboard, i.e. offered by Kettler or Cornilleau, is between 16 and 25 mm. Good playing features are achieved with an indoor table tennis board with a thickness of 19 to 22 mm.

When you wish to store your indoor table tennis board on a small space after the match, you should mind a folding mechanism. Besides the space-saving storage, these table tennis tables offer the possibility of exercising alone. The frame is very important for sturdiness of the board, especially thickness and quality of tubes.

We have introduced the Fitshop evaluation for orientation when purchasing an indoor table tennis board. Each table tennis table is evaluated in the categories "play", "mobility", "operability", and "stability". In addition, evaluations of other customers are of great help for finding a decision.

Are there any differences between indoor table tennis boards and indoor table tennis tables ?

Yes and no. Strictly speaking, indoor table tennis board only describes the surface, the board itself. "Table tennis table" stands for the whole table, including its frame and superstructures (net, etc.). Don't worry: no matter whether you purchase an indoor table tennis board or table tennis table - you always get a complete table with frame, ect. ! Table tennis boards and table tennis tables are identical in our webshop. Have a lot of fun playing table tennis ! {video:tischtennis.mp4}
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