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Gymnastics balls have several possibilities of use, i.e., prevention and therapy, for fitness training and as sitting ball. Several descriptions like gymball, fitball, hop ball, physio ball, pilates ball or just sitting ball prove its versatility. The gymnastics ball or sitting ball activates the body, improves circulation, exercises muscles, condition and coordination at the same time. Please mind choosing a ball of strong absorption for using it as sitting ball. A sitting ball must not bob permanently.

The proper size for your gymnastics ball/sitting ball:

heightball diameter heightball diameter
up to 152 cm45 cmup to 178 cm65 cm
up to 168 cm55 cmover 178 cm75 cm

The size is important for choosing a sitting balls. The thigh should be bent upwards about 10 to 20 degrees with a sitting ball of the right size, so that the gluteal muscles are a bit higher than the knee joint and the pelvis can be adjusted to the horizontal. Leg length, body weight, and ball features play an important role for choosing. Persons with longer legs and higher weight should choose a bit bigger ball. The so called ABS or Antiburst balls consider an additional aspect of safety. These balls only lose slowly air for a superficial damage.
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