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Model 2020/21

Taurus Vibration Massage Device

Item number TF-MASSAGER
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Customer ratings (33)
33 Customer ratings
4.88 of 5 Stars
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Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager

Recuperate like a pro!

  • 5 vibration levels Individual massage for your well-being
  • 4 different attachments Suitable accessories for every area of the body
Figure: 5 adjustable vibration levels
5 adjustable vibration levels
The Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager offers five different vibration levels, so you can massage your muscles with up to 3400 strokes / minute. This gives you the opportunity to design your own massage, so you can treat your problem areas according to your wishes and preferences.
Figure: Clearly-Presented Display
Clearly-Presented Display
The clearly designed display has just a few buttons, which makes this massage device particularly easy to use. All important data such as speed or battery charge level are displayed clearly.
Figure: Comfortable Massager
Comfortable Massager
The Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager is very lightweight. This means that this massager can be used by everyone, since your arms do not tire even with longer and more intensive massages. It also sits comfortably in your hand, which makes it easier for you to massage hard-to-reach areas such as the neck.
Figure: Multiple Areas of Application
Multiple Areas of Application
Offering a performance of 3400 strokes / minute, a massage with the Comfort Vibro Massager not only addresses your superficial muscles, but also your deep muscles. This is the ideal way to treat tension, sore muscles, agglutinated fasciae or pain, for example. Furthermore, this massager is great for improving your blood circulation and mobility as well as for massaging trigger points.
Figure: Long-life lithium-ion battery
Long-life lithium-ion battery
The Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager includes a high-quality lithium-ion battery. This type of battery is primarily characterised by its long service life. Thanks to the long battery life, you can massage wirelessly for up to 4 hours with a fully charged device.
Figure: 4 interchangeable attachments
4 interchangeable attachments
In addition to the device itself, four different massage attachments are included in the scope of delivery. You can therefore select the best attachment according to the area of the body being treated. This makes treatment with the Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager even more effective.

Technical information

  • Model 2020/21 info
    The model year describes the current model of the respective season beginning in autumn of previous year. The descriptions are not absolutely based upon a change in product or year of production.
  • High quality vibration massage device for better well-being
  • Includes 4 different heads:
    • Ball: Massage trigger points and large muscle groups
    • Flat: For use on larger areas, pressure is applied to a larger area
    • Fork: To massage around joints and bones (such as the spine)
    • Finger: Very focused massage on the trigger points and fasciae
  • Releases tension, trigger point massage, fasciae training
  • Increases blood flow and mobility
  • Very light weight, fits well in the hand
  • 5 vibration levels (Nominal frequency: 20 – 58Hz)
  • Technical data:
    • Nominal voltage: DC 24V
    • Nominal frequency: 20 – 58Hz
    • Battery life up to 4hrs
    • Charger: 25,2 V 1 A
    • Amplitude: 10mm
  • Charger incl.
  • Long-life lithium-ion battery

Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager: 5 vibration levels for a personalised massage treatment!

The Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager has five different vibration levels, which gives you the opportunity to carry out a professional massage yourself at home. Thanks to the different intensity levels, you can tailor your massage to suit your needs; adapt the intensity according to your personal wellbeing, so that the massage always achieves the most pleasant effect. You can massage your muscles with a vibration speed (frequency) of 1200 to 3480 strokes / minute (20 to 58 Hz). Thanks to the high number of strokes per minute, you can perform light as well as intensive massages that treat deep-seated muscles effectively.

You can set the five different vibration levels easily, using the clearly-presented display. The level you are at is shown in the left display field. The right field next to it displays the battery charge status. If the battery charge is less than 20 percent, the LED strip lights up in red. This means you can always recharge your device in time.

Pleasant massaging even in hard-to-reach areas

Despite the high number of strokes it can perform and its strong motor, the Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager is light on the scales. An advantage of this is that your arm won't get tired, even with longer and more intensive massages. The Comfort Vibro Massager also features an impressive grip, which makes it easier for you to massage hard-to-reach areas such as the neck or back area.

Several accessories for various different treatment options

Thanks to the five vibration levels and the high number of strokes it can perform, the Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager has several application uses. This massage device also massages the deeper muscles as well as the superficial muscle fibres. This also helps you to effectively treat deep-seated tension that is difficult to resolve with a hand massage alone. As well as relieving tension, the massager also allows you to relieve sore and painful muscles, massage trigger points, improve your mobility and blood circulation or loosen fasciae adhesions. Of course, you can also just treat yourself to a relaxing massage.

To make sure that your massage is even more effective, the scope of delivery includes four different interchangeable attachments. With these four attachments, you always have the option of using the best attachment for the area of the body being treated. The ball attachment provides an effective massage on trigger points and large muscle groups. The flat head is especially suited to performing massages on larger surface areas, as the pressure of the massager is distributed over a wide area due to its flat shape. Use the U-shaped attachment to massage the muscles next to tendons or bones, such as along the spine. You can use the finger-shaped attachment for a focused massage of trigger points or fasciae. The Taurus Comfort Vibro Massager is delivered in a practical carrying bag. So you can enjoy relaxing massages on the go or while travelling.

PDF document for the product

Warranty conditions: Taurus Vibration Massage Device

The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

Taurus Vibration Massage Device Test & Evaluations:

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4.88 of 5 Stars
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Opinion of other customers:

de by NaHe on 12.5.2021 5
Sehr entspannend. Lockert und durchblutet jeden Muskel bis in die letzte Faser. Hochwertige Verarbeitung, solide Qualität. Offener Wunschpunkt wäre eine supersoft Funktion, da die Vibration schon auf kleinster Stufe sehr stark ist. Ich würde den Taurus immer wieder kaufen bzw. mir schenken lassen.
es by Anonym on 11.5.2021 5
Es un parato de masaje de mucha calidad. Un amigo fisio me lo recomendó para usarlo antes y después del entrenamiento, y noto la diferencia. Las agujetas me duran mucho menos (cuando tengo), y como viene con distintos cabezales, me resulta muy cómodo para masajear las distinas zonas del cuerpo (piernas, hombros, brazos... [Read more]...). [Show less]
de by J.K. on 21.3.2021 5
Ich leide unter chronischer Verspannung im Nacken, Schultern und Rücken. Ergänzend zu meinen Gymnastikübungen ist es äußerst wohltuend! So oft kann ich gar nicht zur Massage gehen - vor allem ist damit Selbstmassage sogar im Rücken möglich. Das Gerät ist leistungsstark, der Wechsel der Aufsätze ist leicht zu handhaben,... [Read more] auch der Akku hält lange. Top! [Show less]
de by Julia on 20.3.2021 5
Einfach nur zu empfehlen!
de by BonoB on 6.3.2021 5
das produkt lindert oder verhindert gar das auftreten von muskelkater nach dem sport,wenn man es vor- und nachher richtig anwendet!! mehr aufsätze wäre schön und wäre es wenn man diese auch einzeln nachbestellen könnte.
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